Getraff is an ultimate solution for arbitraging media traffic

We offer the unique service which helps to evaluate media advertising campaigns precisely on any level. Our own-built AdServer is ROI based and aimed to effectively reduce costs of media buying.

Getraff provides the smart tracking system for profitable arbitrage of media traffic. With our set of tools you may reach the most effective sources, automatically optimize campaigns, rotate content wisely and drive your performance to the maximum.

Our system supports all type of deals that are common to the market. Due to the intelligent postback procedure Getraff is capable of running advertising campaigns of any kind: CPC, CPM, CPL, CPA, etc. We provide ready and set API integrations with most major media networks. And in case the client needs to migrate current campaigns to our platform that can be done quick and easy.

The variety of our services is highly flexible. Getraff is open to collaborate on any level. Whatever you need: just proper tracking tools or full media buying service – we got it right here. Being a team of experienced market professionals we are capable of providing multiple traffic solutions.


Private marketeers are welcome

We are glad to offer our services to affiliates working in any field. No matter what type of media traffic you prefer: banners, teasers, click/pop under, video ads, etc. Getraff AdServer is your ultimate tool. You can create and set up your new offers and campaigns fast’n’easy. But what’s most important is that Getraff is completely ROI based. That means it’s perfect for arbitraging media traffic if your aim is profit and you’re willing to reduce your daily costs.

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Making money with media traffic has never been so easy.

Swift co-pilot for an experienced pro

Tired of logging in to multiple networks accounts to check up your stats? Starting a new campaign takes too much time? Your account manager is hard to reach? That is no more. Using Getraff you may get all your info in one place interpreted for your convenience. See the big picture and never lose budgets any more. Optimise your campaigns for KPIs needed – buy leads, subscribers or just clicks for the price you want.

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Сreated by professionals for professionals.

Complete solution out of the box

Most of the companies working online are meant to have a mediabuying department. But you can outsource that to us and save the hustle. Getraff offers complete service where any company gets the dedicated project manager. You pay for your traffic – we do the rest. Our team has strong connections with most of major media networks on market so we have an access to the best prices and most effective sources.

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Complete mediabuying services for companies and brands.


The core of all Getraff media buying operations is our own-built AdServer which is ready to meet most various needs. The AdServer provides easy rotation of promo content and evaluates ads profitability accurately.

For precision media buying we offer the flexible traffic sources optimization. That works both for selecting most effective ad placements and exclusion of unprofitable ones.

In the end of the day we make sure that any campaign ran within our AdServer gets only the traffic that fits it best. And that is being done in a most convenient way with the appropriate set of our tools.


Outstanding optimization

Optimization means driving any media buying campaign to the maximum performance and budget effectiveness. Our system picks only the most effective traffic sources and uses them with the promo content which proves to convert best.

Flexible content rotation

Our AdServer is capable to rotate promo content in any way comfortable for advertiser. We support automatic, pre-defined and ordered rotation. That allows to set the percentage and (or) frequency of ad content introduced to incoming media traffic.

Nested offers

The powerful feature that stands for multi-level traffic distribution. Nested offers allow to rotate and redirect traffic between different ads and whole thematics. By spreading traffic wisely nested offers jam it to dry achieving max conversion rates.

Effective blacklists

One of the keys to effective media buying is constant blacklists running. That means getting rid of unusable traffic that drains the budget. We operate blacklists through smart postbacks system which helps to easily collaborate with any media network.

Automatic check ups

Optional loss proof solution that constantly checks ad target availability. I.e. if any operator would fail to accept sent traffic our AdServer stop using the “dead end”. Traffic then would be halted or redistributed. Critical feature for massive campaigns with multiple targets.

Any type of deal

Getraff AdServer is ROI based so the maximum effectiveness is achieved with CPA or CPL deals. However we do understand the needs of our clients and thus support any deal you prefer. CPM, CPC, CPS, etc. Whatever is your thing just use it with the set of our competent tools.

Impressions monthly
Acquisitions last month
Leads daily
Ad campaigns running now.

An online financial trading company runs media advertising campaign. The set of promo content consists of 2 vertical funnels with 3 landing pages each. After first 2 weeks advertiser gets his first rates which are: eCPL – $32, еCPA – $634, total leads – 218, total FTD – 11.

After first stage of optimization 2 landings in one of the funnels were switched off. And one of the landings in the other funnel was replaced by new. In 2 weeks rates became: eCPL – $22, еCPA – $340.5, total leads – 262, total FTD – 17.

At this point all the sources delivering weak unconvertible traffic were tracked out and halted -that made about 22% of all the volume. So optimization resulted in following rates: eCPL -$17.5, еCPA – $249.5, total leads – 499, total FTD – 35.

In conclusion it took just 1 month of using Getraff AdServer to make a price of a customer acquisition 50% less.

Retail company that sells optics used to maintain PPC advertising campaigns. As an option to grow the flow of potential customers to company website it was decided to use CPA based models.

Company used our AdServer merely as an instrument for analysis and tracking of incoming traffic. That means we provided all technical integrations with CPA networks, installed the pixels and prepared ad campaigns for running.

The client was granted access to transparent stats analysis and budget monitoring. During first 2 month of tests it was figured that CPA model prove to be 40% more profitable than PPC which was widely used by client before.

Easy integration provided by us allowed retail company not only to test but successfully engage new audience growing the advertising ROI.

An online casino house runs massive media buying campaign with several zeroes in a monthly budget. In search of promo content rotation system the company approaches Getraff. Our task was to track hundreds of landing pages which had to be always up to date and therefore maintained mindfully.

Company request took custom development which is always a satisfying challenge for us. Evaluation of landing pages effectiveness came as a bonus to multiple rotations types: pre-ordered, automated, percentage defined, etc.

However the bonus turned out to be a main thing. Gaining access to clear stats company discovered multiple leaks in its media budget. As it always happens with big campaigns many sources were leeching the money, lots of landings were dead end for traffic, etc.

After clear up and campaign rebuilt the budget needed for the same KPIs decreased for more than 30%. However the company decided to leave the budget the same simply gaining more from it by using advanced tracking tools.


You are absolutely able to collaborate with us on any level. You can start from scratch or easily migrate your current media campaigns to our AdServer.

If you’re an experienced media buyer you might need just a short intro to our system and that’d be enough to bring your performance to the new level.

Or perhaps your goal is the more complex service. In that case we’re ready to provide you with professional manager. Our employee will set up and maintain your campaigns so you can simplify and optimize your advertising operations.

And of course we’ve got the special rates for the first month so you can thoroughly test our services. Get introduced to Getraff now and see how effective it is.

For question and demo account, please contact: info@getraff.com